Tips & Tricks to help you Sell from Home

As we progress in our new normal, we now know for certain social distancing is here to stay and working from home is part of our new reality. Although this provides new sets of challenges in our daily operations, sales executives have all the tools to maximize their activities. Many organizations have been doing inside sales with a high rate of success for many years, so there are no reasons why you cannot be successful as well. If working & selling from the comfort of your home is new to you, here are some tips you can follow to help you get accustomed to it and be successful.

1. Dedicate a space in your home for work.

Find an area you can convert (at least temporarily) into your office. Having a separate area for work within your home will help separate church from state! Maintain this area and decorate it to make it your own and make you feel comfortable. Take breaks & step away from your workstation throughout the day as well. We need time to ourselves to decompress and focus our energy on the next tasks.

2. Dress to impress

I am the first one to admit that I don’t always follow this rule. Get dressed as if you are going to work, dress as if you are meeting face to face; this will boost your confidence, help you get into the right mindset and also show your client that you are a professional even when working remotely. Wear your business suit, fix your hair, and wear your dress shoes!! Be creative and most of all be yourself!

3. Preparation is key

Preparation is key for any sales meeting. Whether you are working from home or meeting in person, preparation is a best practice that must always be followed. Have a good understanding of your prospect’s companies’ objectives, the industry challenges they face and how your potential service/solution can help solve their critical problems. Doing your homework prior to your meeting will generate value in your conversations and help you progress at a faster rate in your sale cycle.

4. Maximize your clients time – keep it short & straight to the point

To maximize your prospect’s time and optimize value, book 30-minute conversations. If you have done your homework (see point 3), you will have plenty of time to keep your prospect engaged and interested. Chances are you will not cover everything in that time frame, but you will open the door for a follow up meeting by being relevant & thorough.

5. Accept that it will not be perfect

Most of us are still getting accustomed to working from home. We all have different challenges that come with our new reality. Accept that your meetings will not always go as planned. Your kids might walk in, your dog might bark, your prospect might be distracted, and the list goes on. Accept what you cannot control & focus on what you can.

On that note, happy selling (from home)!


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